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Rent and trust where you live

Project Overview

It has been increasingly difficult to find trustworthy tenants and landlords due to the lack of reliable resources. Both parties tend to struggle with not-so-favorable tenants or landlords due to their late rental payments, rental upkeep, and outdated modes of communication.

How can we create a product that can help users with rental issues, tenant/landlord reliability, and improve communication?

The main tools used in this project:

  • Illustrator 

  • Photoshop

  • Figma

UX methods used in this project:

  • User flow testing

  • Competitive audits

  • Lean

  • User interviews & user personas

My First Board.jpg

My Role & Responsibilities

I am the lead UXI for this project. I am responsible for:

  • Creating efficient interactions

  • Maximizing usability

  • Designing based on the research provided

  • Making decisive choices on screen actions 

  • Interactions and design

  • Paying attention to functional properties 

  • Researching UX techniques to help with design decisions

My First Board (1).jpg

Research Summary

We first conducted user interviews to gain more insight on tenants and landlords. We wanted to see what issues both sides are coming across, which tasks they do most often and their living experience. We interviewed both tenants and landlords mainly asking their struggles, frustrations, communication, their lives, and their goals & needs. We ended up choosing the two personas below as our user personas.

User Personas 2-1.png
User Personas 2-2.png

We then did some research on the most popular competitors that deals with similar concepts and problems. We took note of the features that users used them for the most.

Liv Rent


Finding rental properties 

Verified landlords 

Verified tenants 

Trust related features like - uploading necessary legal documents


Finding rental properties 

Verified landlords 

Verified tenants 

Trust related features like - uploading necessary legal documents



For property managers 

Can manage multiple units at once 

A comprehensive system of showing graphs and data visualizations

Mockup & Ideas

Our idea with this app is to mainly focus on communication and a reporting feature.  A reporting feature would help streamline issues more clearly; with the added benefit as possible language translation. However, to find tenants and landlords there has to be a simple but easy way for the user to search or be given recommendations.

Final Design

In the final design, the solution we found was using tertiary colors to represent buildings, tenants, and landlords. It helped make different buttons more distinguishable from other text on certain pages. We used a rounded style of buttons, a 2 line hamburger menu to access settings, and mainly used the text font Poppins for the main headers as it was less sharp on the eyes.


In Rentlife we have features to help our users build trust and accountability between tenants and landlords. 
Reporting: Report any issues in the unit and see real-time solution progress
Document upload: Upload legal documents as well as supplementary files to verify your account to simplify your process
Communication: Notifications on rent, able to message other users on the app, and reminders of any rental updates


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